Update to root on HTC Incredible

Posted on Mon 22 August 2011 in blog

So I've been enjoying my rooted Incredible for a little over a week now. After my last post, I decided to install the CyanogenMod 7.0.3 ROM. First let me say, "wow" at just how simple it was to download the .zip file, transfer it via USB (mass storage) to my flash card, and use ClockworkMod Recovery to install the new ROM (after backing up of course!!) Take that link with a grain of salt, as UnrEVOked3 installs it by default now.

I had installed ClockworkMod ROM Manager (free) from the Market, but decided I wanted to do this first one from the recovery image. The ROM Manager uses the recovery image anyway, so it shouldn't really matter how I do the next one. On to the results!

Holy. Battery. Life.

Battery life screenshot

Not only is the (built-in) battery usage screen awesome, (and the ability to screenshot), but that is 16 hours with a discharge of a little less than 50 percent! Granted, this was over a work day, so it wasn't seeing a ton of usage, but you can see that the phone was waking up and syncing. This is possibly twice as good as I was seeing with the stock HTC Sense ROM.

I can't show this in a screenshot, but the overall response of the phone is like night and day compared to Sense (in my opinion). Screens and menus load almost instantly. Apps load many times faster, and it feels like a real 1GHz device! Granted, this is a fresh install, so I haven't gotten it bogged down, but it is definitely faster than Sense ever was.

I strongly recommend that if you have an Android phone, that you root it, or give it to someone to do it for you. You won't be disappointed.