SSDs and Windows 'Users' Directory

Posted on Thu 27 October 2011 in blog

After getting my new SSD installed, I really wanted to get everything setup so that my data was safe on the 1 TB RAID 1 array. This meant somehow moving the Users directory from C:\ (the SSD) to D:\ (the RAID).

The two main approaches are:

  1. Use an unattend.xml …

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Windows 7 won't boot!

Posted on Mon 01 August 2011 in blog

Well in a nutshell, here's how this problem unfolded, and came to be corrected.

New Install

I bought a pair of 1TB drives, and set them up in a RAID 1 array, using the VT8237A southbridge's built-in RAID feature. I left my old 200GB PATA drive in place, so I …

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MySQL Service won't start on Windows 7

Posted on Tue 12 July 2011 in blog

So today, I attempted to install MySQL on Windows 7. From the MySQL Download site, I grabbed the latest version of their .msi installer, mysql-installer- I went through the installer, and found that the last step, starting the MySQL services (mysqld) was failing. The service existed …

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Windows 7 "Unidentified Network" woes

Posted on Tue 21 June 2011 in blog

There are hundreds of posts in forums and in blogs with people complaining about not being able to click the "Public Network" link and change an "Unidentified Network" to the Private profile:

Unidentified network - Public network

In this case, it was my VirtualBox Host-Only connection, but this could really apply to any private network …

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