Windows-Python-PyInstaller GitLab CI Runner

Posted on Wed 16 November 2016 in blog

Here I'll explain how to configure a Windows Server VM to act as a Python (PyInstaller) build server, running as a GitLab CI runner.


Install Windows Server 2012 R2 "Server Core"

This is left as an exercise to the reader :-)

Enable Remote Desktop

Simply follow this detailed guide:

Windows …

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Posted on Thu 09 July 2015 in blog

Every geek has his/her favorite set of tools for accomplishing various tasks. Here are mine.

I tend to split my time between Linux and Windows so where possible there will be solutions for both. Preference is of course given to cross-platform FOSS projects.

This will be updated as I …

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My favorite Windows tweaks

Posted on Mon 26 January 2015 in blog

Here are some of my favorite Windows "tweaks":

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Dual Booting with GRUB2 (CentOS 7) and Windows 7

Posted on Sat 03 January 2015 in blog

TL;DR: You need to install the ntfs-3g package, in order for os-prober to detect Windows installations. This allows grub2-mkconfig to automatically generate an entry for dual-booting into Windows.

Doing a lot more hardware hacking these days, I've felt constrained running Linux in a VM all the time. I was …

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